What products do we sell?

The vision of ALRIFAI is to bring the goodness of nuts and kernels to our consumers. Our product assortement consist of three main categories

Nuts and Kernels

They include processed (dry roasted, fried and even coated) nuts and kernels. We also have raw nuts and dried fruits. 

Organic Nuts are part of our products as well. However, they are in short supply given the tight control over provenance. 


We also offer a variety of confectionary including Malban, Nougat and Marzipan. Most of our confectionaries are based on nuts. 

We have also lately upgraded our chocolate line to include more and more nuts. Oriental sweets and pastries are complimentary.

Coffee & Tea

Turkish, espresso and many more varieties are offered. We are currently serving in select store nut based hot drinks. 


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