To place an order for a Product, the Customer must identify himself (1.1), agree with the T.S. (1.2) and confirm his order (1.3)

A Customer who wishes to place an order must first identify himself. To do this, he must fill in a form made available to him on line. The information provided by the customer will include his surname, first name (or corporate name) as well as his e-mail address, address (and/or address of delivery if it is different) and his telephone number. The Customer shall also provide a password that will be personal and confidential. ALRIFAI reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the data entered by the Customer and more specifically the identity and physical address of the Customer. In order to verify the Customer’s identity, ALRIFAI may require a copy of an ID card before shipping any order. The Customer, when not an individual consumer (a.k.a. a business), is responsible (i) for all the persons to whom it communicates its confidential login information and (ii) for all orders placed using its confidential login information, as a result, the customer will not dispute any order placed using its personal and confidential login information. The Customer will inform ALRIFAI as soon as he knows that a third party is using his e-mail address and password without his consent. The Customer agrees that entering these two identification codes is proof of identity. ALRIFAI hereby informs the Customer that the information communicated by him within the framework of the order is automatically recorded as nominative data constituting the Customers’ files and/or a detailed invoicing.

Acceptance of the present Terms of Sale
When the Customer is identified according to article 1.1 above, he states that he has read and agrees with the T.S. and checks the box “I have read and agree with ALRIFAIs Terms of Sale”.

Order Confirmation
The Customer chooses the Products he wishes to buy, then confirms his order, by entering his credit card number and its date of expiration under the conditions provided in article about pricing. Then he clicks on the icon “Confirm my Order” displayed on the screen. The order is immediately recorded. An order number is then communicated on the screen and also by electronic mail to the Customer.

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